Thursday, 10 April 2014

Introducing 2014: Portugal!

Portugal withdrew last year due to financial difficulties however they are back - which is awesome!! The Portuguese entry was chosen through Festival da Canção, and Suzy emerged as the winner with Quero Ser Tua. It was a controversial choice. Following the results, Catarina Pereira and Rui Andrade (who came 2nd and 3rd respectively) raised their concerns about the outcome of the contest. These concerns involved suspicions that Emanuel, the composer of the winning song, influenced the televote in favour of his entry. Anyway, the final itself consisted of five songs. The main favourite was Mea Culpa by Catarina Pereira. I would love to see her fly the Portuguese coulours in Eurovision one year - maybe she'll be selected internally?

Rui Andrade was another favourite to take the crown, but his song was very underwhelming and thus he only came 3rd. Suzy is fantastic and actually lives in Dubai. I hope she'll make the final. She's recorded a new version of the song and it was premiered at the Eurovision in Concert event last week. There are only small changes. Boa sorte! 

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