Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Iceland!

Pollapönk won the Icelandic national final back in February, and it's safe to say that I wasn't thrilled with the outcome. However Iceland still managed 15th place in the final - which isn't to shabby at all! Söngvakeppnin 2014 did offer a few gems:

Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir - Amor
I remember watching the Icelandic national final, and I was gutted when Ásdís failed to win the ticket to Copenhagen. Amor is a strange song - there's no denying it, but for some reason it's great. Her voice is unique and it completely suits the song. The Icelandic people didn't approve though... Predicted result in Copenhagen: 11th to 15th place in the semi-final. I don't think it would have appealed the average Eurovision viewer, unfortunately.

Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir - Lífið kviknar á ný
Sigríður Eyrún Friðriksdóttir came 2nd with Lífið kviknar á ný. Sigríður gave a great performance in the national final. Very burlesque. And a very happy little song! Me gusta!

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