Friday, 10 October 2014

Missed Opportunities 2014: Belgium!

My Missed Opportunities series finally finishes today. I didn't include Greece, Israel, France, Portugal or Moldova because I believe the best song in their respective selection was picked. So, this only leave us with Belgium! This blogger did like Axel, but the rest of Europe didn't....

Sil - What's The Time In Tokyo?
What's The Time In Tokyo? was a beautiful elegant ballad. Sil's performance was stunning - so why didn't the Belgians select her? She only achieved 5th place in the national final. Underrated!! Shakespeare Sister, Marcella Detroit, co-wrote the song.

2 Fabiola feat. Loredana - She's After My Piano
Finally, She's After My Piano didn't even make the final itself but it has become a hit in Belgium. This song defiantly should have represented Belgium in Copenhagen! The live performance was great, the song is fun and the lead singers vocal was fantastic.

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