Sunday, 28 December 2014


As expected, Elhaida Dani won the 53rd edition of Festivali i Këngës and therefore will indeed represent Albania in Vienna. Elhaida Dani won The Voice of Italy and also competed in Festivali i Këngës some years ago although wasn't as successful. Linda Halimi's song was probably my personal favourite but it wasn't to be. She came 3rd. RTSH put together a fantastic show tonight and the contest did consist of so many good songs. Did the best song win? Not sure, although the best voice defiantly won. With some work and an English translation - I bet Albania can be a contender however it didn't make an impression on me at first.. Hmm. But I wish her the best of luck! It is a good song and Italy are sure to award her points come May. The top three:

Listen to her song here:

What do you think? Is it FiK-ing amazing?

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