Saturday, 14 February 2015

Finland: Three more acts qualify for UMK final!

The 2nd semi final of UMK has just concluded in Finland and the following acts made the cut:
  • Shava – Ostarilla
  • Opera Skaala – Heart of light
  • Jouni Aslak – Lions and lambs
Some surprises here. Siru is out!!! Bollywood inspired Shava made it though. They are not my favourites but it's fun and colourful! Opera Skaala's performance was actually very good, I have to admit. They definitely would stand out if they won UMK and made it to Vienna.

I still think the winner will be either Satin Circus or PKN.... Anyway, the third and final semi final will be held next week! Stay tuned for more from the wonderful world of Eurovision tonight :-)

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