Sunday, 15 February 2015

Italy: Full statistics from #Sanremo2015 here!

The full results from this years edition of Sanremo are out. Il Volo won the super final with a pretty impressive 56.2% of the teleovtes - whilst 33.4% of Italians who voted opted to support runner up Nek. Malika came 3rd with 10.4% of the votes. However this opinion was not shared with the 'Expect Jury' - Malika 39,9%, Nek 37,5 and they put Il Volo third with 22,9%. Meanwhile, the 'Demoscopic Jury' also placed Nek first but Il Volo were not far behind them . Once again, the gorgeous Malika was placed third. The full results from the super final is; 39,05 for Il Volo, 35,38 for Nek and 25,57 for Malika. So overall, Nek was the juries favourite and Il Volo won because due to the public vote.

Onto some sadder news. Or at least some sadder news for this blogger. Lara Fabian and Anna Tatangelo both came last in their respective shows. This is slightly surprising - as I believed Anna's song was fabulous and would've made a very decent Italian entry.

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