Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Review: Latvia's Supernova 2015!

Four songs remain in the running to represent Latvia so yours truly decided to do a little review. 

MNTHA - Nefelibata
Sending this song to Eurovision would be a very brave and daring choice for Latvia. I do like it and would love to see MNTHA win on Sunday but if the Latvians want to ensure qualification (after all these years), Nefelibata might not be the best option. Would be a very risky but an exciting choice.. 8/12

Markus Riva - Take Me Down
Markus's song is very good and would appeal to an intentional audience. I wouldn't be too disappointing if he won even though he isn't my favourite. He's only my 3rd favourite but I still think it's a great song - that's how good the Latvian selection, Supernova, is this is year. Would be a very decent entry for Latvia, if they select it. 7/12 

ElektroFolk - Sundance
This is another interesting song however Sundance could be portrayed as a bit of as joke in Vienna. My least favourite and I don't think Latvia should send this. The mixture between elektro and folk is an awesome idea but the song isn't strong enough me thinks. But it isn't bad. 5/12

Aminata Savadogo - Love Injected
Love Injected is my favourite in this years Latvian national final for sure, so naturally I'd be thrilled to see Aminata win. Her vocals are fantastic live and the song is so awesome. Would she ensure Latvia's qualification? I think so. This is Latvia's best shot if they want to do well. It's getting a 12/12 from this blogger as I love it so much.

The Latvian national final is set for 22nd February. More details regarding the show to follow in due course. Who would you like to see succeed Aarzemnieki? Check out the songs below:

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