Friday, 24 April 2015


The Czechs are undoubtedly the least successful country in Eurovision. They've come last twice (got nil points in 2009) and therefore decided to throw in the towel. Until this year... The Czech Republic are back and better than ever - even though that's not a hard task.Will Marta and Václav be the first Czechs to qualify? Here's our thoughts....

Ana: I don’t like this song and I don’t like their voices either, specially the one of Vlad. Although I don’t use to like this kind of ballads, this one is absolutely boring and forgettable in my opinion. They’ll need an amazing staging if the want to fight for a place in the final. 3/10

Ilkar: Another duet but a great comeback for Czech Republic, their best effort to date and most likely qualifier for the final, their first. Both are experienced singers with good voices. His voice especially is very memorable. As are memorable their physical attributes; boobs and arms. Somehow I wish they would have dared go for rockier sound in the arrangement as this is clearly a hardrock ballad. Rougher sounds in the backing track would have been a good option to stand out even more. 8/10

Jack: It's true, Hope Never Dies for the Czech Republic. Good song, decent vocals and I'd love to see them in the final. Yet I somehow have a feeling they won't make the final and will withdraw next year... I really hope I'm wrong about this though! It's great to have 'em back! 6/10

Jess: I am not a big lover of this song itself, however I do think that both Marta & Vaclav's voices work really well together. 5/10

John: Undoubtedly the best that the Czechs have sent to Eurovision, this lovely ballad is contemporary and easy on the ears. For all of that it lacks a “special something” that will allow it to stand out from all of the other ballads. I reckon it will be a run of the mill event on the ESC stage but I hope I am wrong! 7/10


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