Monday, 17 December 2012

Switzerland: Heilsarmee breaks EBU rules!

3 songs have so far been selected for ESC 2013 however it seems that the Swiss Salvation Army (aka Heilsarmee) may be disqualified as they break the EBU rules!

The EBU have told Heilsarmee they must change their name and outfit if they want to participate in the contest. A press release by SRF stated...
“The song “You and I” meets the requirements of the EBU. Nevertheless, it is clear from the perspective of the EBU that a performance in Malmö will only be possible if the band does not appear in the official uniform of the Salvation Army. In addition, the song may not be entered under the name of ‘Salvation Army’. The EBU Reference Group will review whether these changes were implemented in January.
Heilsarmee will discuss this week what they plan to do, will they make Malmo? If they decide they won't comply with the rules maybe Switzerland can send Carrousel (they came second)! I hope Heilsarmee won't comply with these rules as we could have this in Malmo... ^^

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