Saturday, 26 January 2013

Denmark: LIVE STREAM of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix!

22:40 - Emmelie WINS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thanks for following guys... <3

22:39 - Mohammed and Emmleie get the same amount of points from the jury... 

22:29 - Johnny Logan is up now! He gives an amazing perforance of Hold Me Now... I love it, so do the Danes juding by their reaction... ^^

22:25 - Brotherhood of Man are performing now... It's wonderful! A true goldie oldie, as we would say here in the UK!
22:24 - The results are coming soon... 

22:17 - I really think Mohammed has this now... :( 

22:09 - Goosbumbs.... <3

22:06 - I have just realised that Brinck didn't make it... LOL! What do you think of these results? They are currently talking to some guy in the audience! The show will be over soon... :( 

22:01 - They will all perform again... WONDERFUL! It's between Simone or Emmelie for me... <3




21:51 - Talk about auto-tuning... Gosh!

21:45 - We are being treated to Soluna Samay, well I say treated... ^^

21:40 - An AWESOME show! I'm going to get something to eat now and see y'all for the results! Who will win? Emmelie please... <3 Or Simone Kate Hall! ^^

21:38 - Mohamed- Unbreakable
This is the favourite to win in Denmark, and I can see why! It's a pretty good song and a great ending to an awesome show! His vocals are not amazing but it is a hard song... Will it win? Maybe, it'll be in the top 3 anyway... 8/10!

21:34 - Albin-Beautiful to me
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much but it was amazing! Sometimes live versions are better than the studio recording. Bryan Rice co-wrote it (he tried in 2010). I think this will do well but it's not gonna win... 6/10

21:30 - Emmelie de Forest- Only Teardrops...
I LOVE IT! It's a beautiful song, performed amazingly - she has an outstanding voice. If Denmark don't send this, I will be really disappointed with them! It gives me chills... 10/10 <3 SEND IT DENMARK!!!!!!

21:24 - Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray- Invincible
I can see why people like this but for me, it's nothing special! Why the hell is he wearing that stupid mask? It does have something but it's far too over produced - if that makes any sense! Will it represent Denmark? Nah... I don't like it anyways! 3/10

21:14 - Simone- Stay Awake
At first I didn't get the hype with it but now I love it! It's an amazing song, she gives a wonderful performance and I would love to see it winning! The audience seems to love it too but will it make the top 3? I'm sure of it... 9/10 <3

21:07 - Daze- We own the universe
I like it more now than I did from the studio version... It's sounds very Swedish and I actually think this could be a dark horse! Good vocals and a stunning performance! I really like it -  watch this one... 7/10

21:02 -  Louise Dubiel- Rejs dig op
I'm in the minority here... I hate it! The worst song by far - the performance is stupid and the song is just pure annoying! I hope this wont do well but because I don't like it... It is likely to do well! I'm guessing this won't be the Danish entrant for 2013... It's in Danish, so that's nice! 3/10

20:59 - They are now talking to Johnny Logan...

20:57 - Kate Hall - I'm not alone!
Another favouirte of mine... She is wearing a red dress and looks stunning! Her voice isn't too bad, sometimes it's more fun when they lack in the vocal area! It's similar to the Hungarian entry from 2011! I predict this will finish just outside of the top 3... 7/10 
20:52 - Brinck- Human
He's back! But not as strong as his 2009 entry... I can't see this doing well to be honest. It's boring and his stage performance gives me nothing... Apparently he is also very arrogant so we will find out when he looses... His voice is good but it really lacks something... 5/10

20:45 - Frederikke Vedel- Jeg har hele tiden vidst det!
A wonderful start to the contest! There are only 2 Danish songs tonight, and this is one of them! I really like it and she does delivers an awesome performance - her vocals are spot on! Cool stage performance too. Can Frederikke win tonight? I doubt she'll even make the top 3... 8/10!

20:35 - The acts are now being welcomed to the stage!

 20:33 - Here are our wonderful hosts! 

20:31 - The show is just about to start! At the moment we have 3 children singing the Eurovision anthem...Opps sorry - about 30 children!

20:25 - This is what's happening back stage... 5 minutes until the show will begin! YAY!!

20:18: I wish they would hurry up already and get on with the show! :D 

20:12 - We now hear from Thomas G:son - the guy who had a song everywhere in 2012, including Euphoria...

20:01 - Soluna Samay is now being interviewed! Who will follow her? 

19:47 - This stream works well for me! It's 20:30 CET the show starts, at 20:00 CET there is an introductory program or something... ^^

19:09 - Will Brinck make a return? He looks pretty confident...

19:06 - Here is a link to watch the show.

19:04 - Iceland and Norway are holding their semi finals tonight! I will update after Denmark, if I'm still awake...

18:57 - Tonight I will be doing a live-stream of the Danish selection! Who is your favourite? I know the show isn't for some time yet, it starts at 20:00 CET! Hope you can all follow this tonight, as I did have fun doing Switzerland back in December...

Predicted Top 3:
1. Mohamed!
2. Simone
3. Emmelie de Forest

My Hopes:
1. Emmelie de Forest
2. Frederikke
3. Simone

Who will participate tonight?
  • Frederikke Vedel - Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
  • Brinck - Human
  • Kate Hall - I’m Not Alone
  • Louise Dubiel - Rejs dig op
  • Daze - We Own the Universe
  • Simone Egeriis - Stay Awake
  • Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray - Invincible
  • Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops
  • Albin – Beautiful to Me
  • Mohamed – Unbreakable

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