Friday, 4 January 2013

Hungary: Magdi Rúzsa will be a jury member for "A Dal"!

Hungary decided to go with a new concept last year, A Dal, and it proved extremely popular in Hungary as it was one of the most watched shows in 2012. Therefore MTV decided to keep the concept for 2013 and today, more details have been released regarding the completion!

MTV has announced the jury members, which include Magdi Rúzsa (2007) - here is the full list...

  • Csaba Walkó (ESC 2012, part of Compact Disco)
  • Philip Rákay - Program director
  • Jenő Csiszár - Radio anchor
  • Viktor Rakonczai (ESC 1997, part of VIP)
  • Magdi Rúzsa (ESC 2007)
The selection will kick of 2nd February and heats will be held on the 9th and 16th then two semi finals on 23rd and 24th February! The grand final will be held 2nd March! I hear some big names are due to compete including Toth Gabi - not confirmed. Here is Magdia in Helsinki, back in 2007...

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