Saturday, 19 January 2013

Malmo 2013: The best of National Finals #2!

Don't we all love national finals? I do! In this special series sharing my thoughts on some tracks which could make Malmo! So far 5 countries have selected their entry - Belgium, Albania, Ukraine, Lithuania and Switzerland! Belarus will change their song, no surprise  but it seems this year they will keep Alyona!

Today I look at songs from Finland, Iceland, Malta, Latvia and Germany! ^^
  • Germany: Cascada - Glorious! 
Cascada would be a perfect German representation - their song is modern, catchy and would rock Malmo! I really hope she will win the German national final, which will be held 14th February! It would be awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the stage presentation... And I know she has good vocals so I'm not worried about that! I hear she is one of the favourites... Will she make it? Here's hoping! 

  • Iceland: Magni Ásgeirsson - Ekki líta undan
The immediate favourites to win Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins are Yohanna and Brigitta, and they have good songs, but I love Ekki líta undan! Magni has tried to represent Iceland before and is now trying his luck - the song is the best I've heard from him and he has a beautiful voice! Iceland rarely sends rock, apart from 2007, so I don't know of the Icelanders will go for this - especially with Brigitta and Yohanna in the selection. If Magni wasn't to win, I wouldn't be too upset if Yohanna made it... ^^

  • Latvia: Fox Lima - Tirpini!
This is wonderful! It's very similar to the Belgian entry from 2003, which came 2nd remember! This is clearly my favourite, along with Samanta Tina, and I hope one of them will represent Latvia this year! Tirpini is a very special song, if you ask me, some people will "get it" and others won't... I'm so exited for Latvia this year! They can seriously do well in Malmo with this... Please send this Latvia! <3 

  • Malta: Raquela - Keep Believing 
Raquela has competed in the Maltese selection over and over again, and now she returns this year! This isn't her normal style of music... I thought she would be singing a ballad, especially after the title was known, but she delivers an awesome electro-pop song! It's very strange... It takes a few listens to appreciate it - I would be happy if Malta decides to send this but my heart is with Claudia Faniello... <3

  • Finland: Arion - Lost!
Finland has an amazing bunch of songs this year... Diaranda, Mikeal and Arion! I was not too impressed with the live performance - I hope they have been working on it and will improve it for next week, I'm sure they will! Considering they are so young, it's great! I hope Finland will choose the best song...

I will do the next one after Denmark decides! :D

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