Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sweden: Loreen will release a second album in the autumn!

Heal is amazing - so I'm delighted she is planning on recording a new album! She wants it to be ready for early autumn and will start work on it very soon!

Loreen told Nöje about how this new album should sound...
Right now I'm very into experimenting with the production even more than I did, because now I have time to do it. Mixing it even harder than what I have done. I do not want to program as many ready-made sounds, but more genuinely create sound. And these things take time to do.
Loreen will also tour, she is even planning on giving a concert in Japan! I don't buy many albums but I did Heal, and I always play it! Here are a few of Loreen's songs from Heal...

Love her... <3

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  1. (Swedish grammy awards 2013)!worlds-best-entertainer-of-the-year/clqm (world music awards) (spanish MTV)
    Vote for Loreen here!!!

    also, the following Eurostars are nominated in world music awards (it has changed recently)
    Best song = Euphoria, Loreen
    Best video = N/A
    Best album = Celine Dion sans attendre (Switzerland 1988)
    Best group = serebro, but DO NOT VOTE, serebro’s recent success is NOT due to their Eurovision 2007 participation and they have dismissed Eurovision’s role in their career…
    Best female artist = Loreen (Also celine dion, but vote for Loreen, obviously)
    Best male artist = Dima Bilan (also Philip kirkorov, Russia 1995, but he placed 17th and Eurovision is way more important for dima bilan’s success than it is for kirkorov’s)
    Best live act = celine dion
    Best electronic artist = afrojack (judge NF netherlands 2012) or bob sinclar (copresenter for Italian audience during eurovision 2011 broadcasting).
    Best entertainer = all of the above apart from serebro because they’re a group (and, read the above statement), plus Timati, NF Russia 2012, but vote for Loreen, and maybe Dima Bilan.


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