Monday, 18 February 2013

Croatia: "Mizerja" to be released later this week!

In a few days, HRT will present their entry through a special press conference! The Balkan country will be represented by Super Klapa in Malmo, as they want a more traditional approach to the contest so will send the ever so popular Klapa.

We should know the date of the official presentation tomorrow (well, that's what I heard), but it is likely will hear it this weekend! I'm waiting for an amazing traditional Croatian piece, a snippet has previously been released and it sounds wonderful! Mizeerja is all recorded and Super Klapa are looking forward to releasing it! Many fans are not very optimistic about Croatia this year so I hope they'll be proved wrong, tradition is great for ESC! Nina Badric also wanted Klapa, look here!

Here is the snippet, which was released on Croatian news last week...

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