Sunday, 17 February 2013

Italy: Marco Mengoni wins Sanremo and is selected for ESC!

Sanremo is one of the classiest shows! I loved it and this year's edition was among one of the very best! Marco Mengonia won Sanremo last night with L'essenziale - I pray they will send it to Malmo keep it and sing in Italian!

For me, singing in English ruined Nina Zilli's chances last year so I hope RAI don't make the same mistake. Now L'essenziale is not necessarily his ESC song, unfortunately, it's likely to be a new track from his album which is set to be released in March - perfect timing, eh?

His Eurovision song is set to be an "album filler", he has a wonderful voice and is a perfect choice for Eurovision! The announcement last night was very short, and they didn't "go to town" like they did with Nina last year...Here is his winning Sanremo song, which is awesome!

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