Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Malmo 2013: Three entries to be released tomorrow...

The Georgian duo! 
It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow - three countries will present their entries for Malmo! Spain will also select tonight and about seven countries get their entries this weekend...Vamos!

The Georgian entry will be the first to be revealed tomorrow - Waterfall is going to be aired on "Our Morning"! It's an early start for Sopho and Nodiko as they plan to air the song at around 8:00 CET! The music video is almost finished and will be made public in the next few weeks! You can watch the live presentation here! I'm curious to hear it, mainly because of who composed/wrote it...

Mižerja will be made public at 10:00 CET! The Croatian entry will be heard first through a special press conference, then the representatives will introduce themselves to Croatia and Europe publicly! It's going to be a romantic song, click here for more information on that! It'll be great to hear some traditional music in the contest, rather than ballad after ballad and pop song after pop song! Klapa Esemble, or whatever they'll call themselves, will perform their ESC entry live at a humanitarian concert - which will take place tomorrow evening! Good luck Croatia and do yourself proud!

FYR Macedonia
The much anticipated Macedonian entry will be made live through a special TV show, which is due to start at 20:45 CET! Vlatko Lozanovski and Esma Redzhepova's song is called Империја (Empire)! Yesterday, a snippet was released - I don't know if this is official or just a hoax but you can listen to it anyway here! It's said to be a passionate yet sad song...

It's gonna be a lot of fun tomorrow! But tonight, we have Spain! No puedo esperar... <3

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