Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spain: "Contigo Hasta El Final" to Malmo!

I'm rather impressed with the Spanish - they've selected the best song in their NF for the second year in a row now! El Sueño de Morfeo will perform Contigo Hasta El Final in Malmo...

I really thought Atrevete was going to win - and I think ESDM did too - but luckily that wasn't the case! Pastora Soler sung with the group, that was really nice, and so did Musicalite and Nek! Contigo Hasta El Final isn't going down as well as I thought it would - fans seem to think they will flop in Malmo and not trouble the left hand-side of the scoreboard.

Here, the results from last night...
  1. Contigo hasta el final - 72 points
  2. Atrevete - 60 points
  3. Dame tu voz - 48 points

Georgia and Croatia will also reveal their songs this morning. so stay tuned! The Spanish entry - I love it... ^^

An amazing moment... <3

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