Saturday, 2 February 2013

Malta: Gianluca Bezzina declaired the winner!

Every damn year Malta disappoints me! They say they want to win ESC, so why pick the worse song in the whole selection then?

Gianluca Bezzina achieved a total of 92 points, second was Kevin Borg - another bland track! I can assure we won't be heading to Valletta next year - I doubt this will even make the final! On a more positive note, they even interviewed Peter Andre - what a lovely guy he is but it's a mystery why he was there?

The overall reaction has been mixed, some love it and some hate it! The best aspect about Tomorrow is the banjo. Claudia Faniello came 7th... I guess we will see her again next year, there is some hope in Malta then! I'm sorry if I seem harsh but Malta had so much to offer this year! One year they will get it right...  Here are the full results...
  1. Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow  
  2. Kevin Borg - Needing You
  3. Davinia - Betrayed
  4. Amber - In Control
  5. Chris Grech - Never Walk Away
  6. Petra & Richard Edwards - Wonderful Today
  7. Claudia Faniello - When It's Time
  8. Jessika - Ultraviolet
  9. Deborah C. - Love-o-Holic
  10. Janice Debattista - Perfect Day
  11. Scar - Superstar
  12. Corazon - My Stranger Love
  13. Richard Edwards - Fall Like Rome
  14. Gianni Zammit - Us Against The World
  15. Dorothy Bezzina - Starting From The End
  16. Domenique - Too Little Too Late
At least Iceland sent something respectable...I'm so disappointed! Take a look at it here... announced Amber had won hours before the results were known! They apologised and said it was a technical hitch... Amber would've been a better choice for the Maltese! Look here... Oh, the drama!

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