Friday, 1 February 2013

Spain: The songs will be released next week!

The much awaited four songs from El Sueño de Morfeo will be released next week! According to Panorama Regional we will hear these songs 8th February (next Friday)! I can't wait...

All songs have been recorded and a few weeks ago, more news regarding them was announced - so what can we expect...
  • An up-tempo song, quite different from their style, with many electronic sounds.
  • An “epic” song with a rock ending
  • A 100% ESDM-style song (up-tempo Celtic rock, guitars)
  • Another 100% ESDM-style song with a very catchy refrain (apparently their favourite one)
No date for when the selection will take place has been announced, it's likely to be in March however... I can't wait to hear ESDM's songs...Here are a few of their songs:

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