Thursday, 14 March 2013

Azerbaijan: Milli Seçim Turu ends tonight!

With Montenegro and apparently FYR Macedonia presented their entries tonight lets not forget about Azerbaijan! The Azeri national final will take place tonight at 18:00 CET and is expected to last just two hours.

The songs have already been selected for the participants - four have already been released. The Azeri selection has given us some laughs this year, all participants were expected to cover an ESC classic. There have been numerous Euphoria's, Kuula's and even a couple of Suus's! I hope their entry will be a good one. It would be nice to have some some traditional music from that area, but I guess we will get a Swedish composed song in English.

Tonight's participants...
  • Vugar Muradov
  • Ravana Aliyeva
  • Farah Hadiyeva
  • Leyla Aliyeva
  • Leyla Gafari
  • Farid Mammadov
  • Nigar Huseynova
  • Vlada Akhundova Valeriya Huseynzadeh 
  • Aysel Babayeva 
The highlight of the Azeri selection...

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