Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Belgium: "Love Kills" revamped!

Roberto Bellarosa has been working hard in Finland on revamping Love Kills, and the new version has been released this morning! It's great, 100% better than the original...

It has more beats, more of a dance element. I can actually see this doing very well in May, but only if he pulls it off vocally. The original version didn't do very well in online polls, this song has little love but I think that will improve now. I can see more appeal here. Belgium selected their entry 16th December, where Roberto received criticism over his vocal performance, I guess he has been working on that since! I hope he has anyway for the Belgians!

Here is the new version... Enjoy!

Off-topic - Apparently FYR Macedonia also reveals their entry tonight... I had no idea! 

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