Wednesday, 13 March 2013

France: "L'Enfer Et Moi" published!

Et Voilà! The French entry has just been released ahead of it's official premier tomorrow. Like I expected, it's rock with typical French elements but still leaves me cold...

Amandine Bourgeois will perform L'Enfer Et Moi on "C à vous" - which is a French program, so we can see how she does this thing live! I do like it, but it is rather boring - maybe it's a grower. The ending is amazing - wish the whole song was like that! The official music video will be released early tomorrow morning at 9:00 CET! It's better than Anggun's effort for sure! Will this do well in Malmo? I expect this will fail, like Anggun and Anmary,which would be a shame. Still, one of the better songs this year!

Amandine's voice is certainly the best aspect of the song! <3

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