Thursday, 7 March 2013

France: Amandine recording "L'enfer et moi" video-clip!

Madame Bourgeois, the French representative, is currently recording the official music video for her Eurovision entry! She uploaded a photograph onto her Facebook page this morning and we can see her on set of the video-clip... Looking wonderful!

The song is going to be released sometime next week, along with this video-clip! I am really looking forward to this one - the song is said the be a soft ballad but nothing is official! We will have to wait for next week to be sure. It's likely to be revealed 16th March, that kinda area anyway - so we don't have long to go! And it will stay in French but thy are planning on making an English version too! Amandine said...
Hier pendant la séance essayage de tenues pour le clip... (Yesterday during the fitting of outfits for the clip...)
She is looking great on set - it's filmed in some mansion? I can't really tell but I think she will shock us with an awesome song (not me though, I know she's awesome!).

Here is her cover of Bring Me Back To Life... <3

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