Friday, 29 March 2013

France: Anggun and Natasha St Pier duet together!

Two of France's greatest musicians have teamed up for one special duet. It was only released last week and has had thousands of views on YouTube... ^^

Their new masterpiece is called Vivre D'amour - and it's going to feature on Anggun's new album Her new album will feature her greatest hits including a remake of Snow on the Sahara - it will be released next month. Natasha St Pier is possibly one of the most famous artists from France, internationally and internally. And she is my favourite French artist - narrowly beating Patricia Kaas. Anggun is also really popular both in Europe and Asia, but you all now that - she is a superstar with a beautiful velvety voice! I expect to see this song do very well, especially in the French charts. Do you like this new track? Je le veux!

Download it on iTunes here! Enjoy it... <3

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