Saturday, 16 March 2013

Greece: "Alcohol is Free" video-clip presented!

How could I forget Greece? Koza Mostra and his boys have been busy recording the official video-clip for their entry, Alcohol is Free!

It seems they filmed it in some kind of warehouse and the vibe I get here is very Greek. Well, that sounds stupid as this IS Greek! I wasn't a fan of this when it was selected but it has grown and does make a decent representation.  And it's clear the Greeks are unable to host the contest but there's no change of that! I actually think this could be the shocker and not even make the final... I do like the video - it's great fun! Still, I think this was the weakest song in the Greek selection by far - but that's just personal opinion.

With the Moldovan selection taking place now and the Italian song yet to be released, the NF season is almost over... *SOBS!*

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