Saturday, 16 March 2013

Moldova: Aliona Moon wins with "A Million"!

Didn't quite get a million votes though did she? Aliona Moon has become victorious in Moldova after winning over the public and jury - which included Geta Burlacu!

Boris Covali won the televote, Aliona actually came 2nd with the public vote, but that he couldn't stop Aliona! The show was a long one, it started over three hours ago but it's still one of the quickest Moldovan finals - the one last year stretched over 5 hours if I remember correctly! I do like A Million but she really needs to re-think that staging! Could it look any more cheap? It's horrid! But the song is nice and with some work, and a decent presentation, this will easily be in the grand final. Pasha Parfeny wrote the song, and for the record I never got his entry last year... BTW - I think Aliona looks a bit like Natalia Barbu, or is it just my eyesight?

Now we know all 39 participants for 2013! They are a wonderful bunch (mostly)! I hope to start some introductory series leading up to the contest so stay tuned! Here it is...

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