Friday, 15 March 2013

Iceland: " Ég á Líf" stays in Icelandic!

Another country to reveal their official video-clip today is Iceland! It's a beautiful, the Icelandic scenery is splendid!

Eyþór is on a small wooden boat alone and then decides to jump in for some bizarre reason! But it's so nice to see the scenery - and there's also a cartoon sketch which is used, that's so sweet. It's one of the best video-clips this year. It was also announced today that he will record an English, Spanish and French version - they're be released soon. The song hasn't been changed much, only a few backing vocals added. I hope thus will qualify but I'm doubtful, it's in the stronger semi and I think voters won't pick the phone up - especially because they won't have a clue what he's singing...

The juries should love it though! Follow him on Twitter! Here it is... <3

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