Friday, 15 March 2013

FYR Macedonia: "Pred da se razdeni" to Malmo!

The reaction for this one has already been really negative but it's awesome. I really love this! Esma and Vlatko will perform Pred da se razdeni in Malmo, which translates to Before the dawn - wasn't that a hit for Evanescence?

It replaces Imperija as that received loads of negative feedback by Macedonians and Greeks, so the broadcaster and duo decided to work on a new song completely - and it was released tonight! The song was premiered on the news and is composed by Darko Dimitrov, Magdalena Cvetkoska and Lazar Cvetkovski!

What do you think of the Macedonian entry? I actually prefer this a millions time to Imperija, I did like that, but this is more Esma's style and less "mainstream" - I hate mainstream music! HAHA! She also sings in the gypsy language...


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