Friday, 15 March 2013

San Marino: Video-clip of "Crisalide" presented!

WOW! The video-clip is almost as good as the song itself! Monetta and SMTV have released the clip tonight through a special televised show...

I now pray we will see San Marino in the grand final, they deserve it this year. Most people are saying this is the weakest ESC for some years but I disagree. The majority of songs are good - I only dislike Romania, Latvia, Serbia and Greece. I was rather nervous whilst awaiting this entry from Valentina, I knew she has loads of potential but I heard Ralph Siegel would've given her some trash but luckily that's not the case this year. She will also attend "Eurovision in Concert" - which is in Amsterdam in April.

Here's the official video, bravo Valentina... <3

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