Saturday, 9 March 2013

Romania: National final tonight!

Romania is a country which rarely disappoints me! Tonight they will select their entry for the 2013 contest as 12 acts, rather good ones, are in the running...

The show won't get much attention tonight as Melodifestivalen is also taking place in Sweden. I want Electric Fence to represent Romania but apparently they are not so popular.. So I think Luminita Anghel will. I also think Andrei Leonte is a likely candidate, I can't stand his song - it's horrible. The performance is stupid, lyrics are horrible... This is my least favourite in the whole selection, so it'll probably win! Casa Presei could also win maybe, he is looking strong.

Here is tonight's line-up...
  • Ovidiu Anton – Run Away With Me
  • Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What Is Love
  • Elena Carstea Muttard – Spinning
  • Iustin Narcis Ianau – Seven
  • Andrei Leonte – Paralysed
  • Cristian Prajescu – The Best Thing In Life Is To Love
  • Tudur Turcu – Hello
  • Casa Presei – Un Refren
  • Electric Fence – Emilia
  • Luminita Anghel – Unique
  • FreeStay – Criminal Mind
  • Cezar Florin Ouatu – It’s My Life
I pray one of these will win...

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