Friday, 8 March 2013

San Marino: "Crisalide" to be made public 15th March!

We will all finally get to hear San Marino's entry in one weeks time! SMTV will present the song at 20:25 CET and will stream the event!

Her entry is going to be in Italian, which is wonderful! And it's also going to be more her style too, the song last year was not written for her originally. Ralph Siegel and Mauro Balestri wrote Crisalide! Valentina Monetta has already recorded the video-clip, and that will get its official premier next week! She is also going the launch a website next week, you can view that here - but the site is currently being constructed at the moment. Montenegro will present it's entry the day before, on the 14th. I hope this song will do Valentine justice! <3

Enjoy her effort from last year...

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