Sunday, 3 March 2013

Serbia: "Moje 3" wins Beosong with "Ljubav je svuda"!

Beosong was awesome! A brilliant show, some great songs and worthy winners! The song may not be... the classiest of songs but it's exactly what the contest needs this year!

I think there are too many soft ballads and pop songs, which are nice but get dull after a while - Ljubav je svuda is complete and utter trash! It's wonderful! The threesome, Moje 3, consists of Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović, and Sara Jovanović. They are great singers but did miss a few notes tonight, didn't they?

The result was decided on public vote alone - so no wonder they stormed to victory with 25959 votes! I think the girls will certainly be a hoot in the press conferences. Am I surprised with their win? Not at all! I knew they were going to win, we all knew they were going to win! Beosong was for sure on of the greatest selections this season. I don't think Moje 3 will qualify, I could be wrong but I can't see people picking up the phone to vote for them (on a wider scale) and the jury won't give them anything! I don't know why, but it reminds me of Poland 2007. LOL!

Here is the full result of tonight's contest...

  1. Moje 3: “Ljubav je svuda” (25959 votes)
  2. Dušan Svilar: “Spas” (20298 votes)
  3. Saška Janković: “Duga u tvojim očima” (6471 votes)
  4. Marija Mihajlović: “Halo” (5013 votes)
  5. SKY’s: “Magija” (3403 votes)

Enjoy the Serbian entry, I do! <3

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