Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sweden: Robin Stjernberg wins Melodifestivalen 2013!

I thought there would be an upset tonight! Robin Stjernberg has just triumphed to victory in Melodifestivalen and will represent Sweden... in Sweden! It's a good pop song but nothing more...

I bet hardcore Melodifestivalen fans are devastated - poor them! LOL! I just can't seem to remember You... The song has no appeal and I wouldn't be surprised if this flopped - like Norway did in Baku. I'm still in shock... I wanted YOHIO to win after the performances tonight, it was amazing! Louise did an awesome job but I knew she didn't have a chance... She did come 5th though! <3

Oh, and Ulrik didn't win - RESULT! Now to check Twitter where everyone will be crying! HAHA! I do like the song but it should't have won... Loreen performed with a deaf choir - that was the highlight tonight for sure! It was so emotional, I loved it! Euphoria is #8 in the Argentinan charts! Carola performed - she was FAB! I also had a soft spot for Ravaillacz but they came last... Here are the results!
  1. Robin Stjernberg: “You” – 166 points
  2. YOHIO: “Heartbreak Hotel” – 133 points
  3. Ulrik Munther: “Tell the World I’m Here” – 126 points
  4. Anton Ewald: “Begging” – 108 points
  5. Louise Hoffsten: “Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream” – 85 points
  6. Sean Banan: “Copacabanana” – 78 points
  7. Ralf Gyllenhammar: “Bed on Fire” – 73 points
  8. David Lindgren: “Skyline” – 69 points
  9. State of Drama: “Falling” – 68 points
  10. Ravaillacz: “En riktig jävla schlager” – 40 points
The Romanian national final will come to an end soon and I think the results are going to be another shocker! Here it is...

She is a legend!!

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