Monday, 11 March 2013

Ukraine: New version of "Gravity" presented!

The Ukrainian entry, Gravity, has undergone a massive revamp. Zlata Ognevich and her team have done an awesome job with this... Bravo!

The video-clip was also released tonight, it reminds me of Avatar. Now Ukraine has moved into my top 10 - I can see this doing really well in Malmo. Why?
  1. It's Ukraine
  2. She has an amazing voice.
  3. Juries should go for it.
  4. She can convince televoters with an amazing performance. 
  5. It's not a normal ESC ballad - there's something rather special about it.
Expect to see this on the left-hand side of the score board, where we normally see Ukraine! I can't see it winning however.... So today we have a beautiful haunting ballad from The Netherlnads, Bulgaria changes their mind and sends the best song and now Ukraine! Judge for yourself below! A smile.

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