Sunday, 21 April 2013

Belarus: Litesound are calling for a criminal investigation!

After the voting was apparently rigged last year Litesound got to right to represent Belarus however they are calling for a criminal investigation ageist the broadcaster!

They said in a statement...
“Despite the fact that our right to represent the country at Eurovision-2012 in Baku was restored, we are the victims since illegal actions were performed towards us. The persons, who falsified the results of the national selection round of the Eurofest project, committed forgery of documents and actions, which entailed significant harm to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, state and public interests”.
It will be looked into and more will follow. Alyona won the NF last year but because the voting was "rigged" Litesound represent the country in Baku instead. Alyona returned this year and will represent Belarus in Malmo - which is only a few weeks away now! Belarus is the capital for drama, but I don't understand why the want an investigation... Hmmmm.

Here's Litesound's entry, which I personally never really liked...

Alyona's BACK!

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