Monday, 8 April 2013

Estonia: Birgit Õigemeel revamps "Et uus saaks alguse"!

The sweet little ballad from Estonia has just got 100% better! I mean, I liked the original, but this new one is amazing, and there's a big note towards the end... YAY! We all love big notes. <3

Bravo Estonia! I hope that Birgit will qualify - I don't think she will though... She's got the dreaded position #2 - and will perform between Austria and Slovenia. I have a feeling it will be unnoticed... Maybe if Birgit pulls off an awesome performance vocally and visually then she could pass... The jury will like it so maybe there's a chance! And the new version will hopefully give the song more impact on stage. I wanna say congratulations again to Birgit and her husband on her pregnancy!

Here's the new version...

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