Monday, 8 April 2013

Introducing 2013: Croatia!

I have decided to take a look at each entry this year, in a lead-up to the contest! There are 39 countries participating this year, all aiming to win in Malmo (well, some don't wanna win!) Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia and Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to withdraw this year, which was a shame, so lets hope they'll decide to return for 2014! I have drawn all the countries randomly and today it's Croatia's turn..

Klapa s Mora - Mižerja!

After failing to qualify last year, the Croatian broadcaster decided to take a more traditional to the contest - which is great! Well it was until we heard the song. Mižerja was released on 27th February, it's a nice song but so goddamn boring. There's not even many traditional elements, I was expecting a beautiful piece of music but unfortunately Croatia's sends a forgettable ballad! The guys are really talented singing though, it's just the song I'm not liking...  As the English translation says, they've fallen on Hard Times! 

I can appreciate it, I'm listing now, but I wouldn't want to listen again in a hurry... This just doesn't appeal to me. I'm sorry Croatia! This is the second year in a row HRT selected the Croatian entry internally - will they make the final this year? I don't think so, I would be really shocked to see this pass but then we don't know what will happen until the actual night! Not that I'll be watching it... GRRR! Mižerja is drawn between Slovenia and Denmark - that really doesn't help the "Klapa s Mora"! I wish Croatia the best of luck and maybe the live performing can win me over... Nina Badric actually wanted a tradition song to represent Croatia in ESC too - she got her wish!
Ej mižerja ka tvrda si stina Ej mižerja ka dvi kapi vina Nemam ništa, samo viru...
Let's hope they ditch this awful choreography!

The English version...

Last years entry,Nebo..


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