Sunday, 28 April 2013

FYR Macedonia: Official video-clip released!

The music video is here! It's a good video-clip but the one for Imperija was much better. Shame they ditched that but I do really enjoy Pred Da Se Razdeni now - I especially love Esma's bit! It's also had a bit of a revamp in Lozano's bit, which works brilliantly!

This video-clip was released yesterday. The thing I don't get is why the released the music video is in English but they will perform in Macedonian in Malmo - unless there's something here I don't know about. The English lyrics are good though. FYR Macedonia are unlikely qualifiers but maybe they'll slip through, people will vote for Lozano and the jury should like Esma.

Here it is! :)

Let's remind ourselves of the performance in Amsterdam...

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