Saturday, 6 April 2013

Introducing 2013: Switzerland!

I have decided to take a look at each entry this year, in a lead-up to the contest! There are 39 countries participating this year, all aiming to win in Malmo (well, some don't wanna win!) Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia and Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to withdraw this year, which was a shame, so lets hope they'll decide to return for 2014! I have drawn all the countries randomly and today it's Switzerland's turn..

Takasa - You And Me!

Hundreds of songs were submitted to the Swiss broadcaster and in November, nine were chosen to compete in the televised final. Many national and international stars missed out such as Magdalena Tul, ILARY, LA The Voices, Lys Assia and even veteran Mariella Farré.- oh, and can anyone remember the IKEA song? The finale took place on 15th December, and everyone expected Melissa to win (so did I) but she only came 4th - Heilsarmee won with 37% of the votes beating Carrousel who came second. My personal favourites were Carrousell, Chiara Dubey, Melissa and even Ally. I liked most of the songs in their selection apart from Do The Monkey, that was bloody awful!

When Heilsarmee won, the EBU told them they must either change their name/uniform or they would not be allowed to compete as they promote The Salvation Army - any advertising is not allowed in the contest. For a while I thought Carrousell would represent Switzerland instead, because I didn't think the group would agree to these rules and therefore withdraw their participation. In March it was confirmed they would compete under the name Takasa. It's not my favourite song this year but I appreciate it and it's rather nice. They are drawn 16th in the second semi, and will preform in between Georgia and Romania. I think this will just miss out on qualification, as semi final two is really tricky and the song has no instant appeal. I predict they will come 11th - 13th. Doubt the jury will go for this either...
When the times are getting rough gold and silver turn to dust People build their barricades out of jealousy and hate...
The official video, released a few weeks ago!

This was the performance back in December...

I wanted Switzerland to send this...

...or this!

...or even this!

Who can forget Lys Assia's masterpiece?


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