Saturday, 6 April 2013

Switzerland: Lys Assia's votes are in!

Been wondering who is Lys Assia's winner of the 2013 contest? The answers lays here! She has recently updated her Facebook page where she's posted her top twenty of this years edition! The Swiss entry is only her eleventh favourite. The legend placed UK in 3rd position! I bet Bonnie would be thrilled to see that! Anouk's entry comes in second and San Marino is her favourite! Can't possibly think why.

Here is her full list...

1. San Marino
2. The Netherlands
3. UK
4. Russia
5. Israel
6. Azerbaijan
7. Italy
8. Croatia
9. FYR Macedonia
10. Norway
11. Switzerland
12. Belarus
13. Ukraine
14. Moldova
15. Georgia
16. France
17. Ireland
18. Malta
19. Belgium
20. Germany

Where's Denmark and Spain?! Lys Assia will be involved with this years contest somehow, apparently  You'll be see more and more of her! Kisses! <3 Lys's winner...

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