Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spain: An English version is being recorded!

The awesome El Sueño De Morfeo are currently recording an English version of Contigo Hasta el Final, it was revealed on Twitter a few days ago. It is expected to be released in a few weeks. YIPEE! It's one of my favourites - I really love the Celtic/rock mix!

This isn't the first time the Spanish entry has been translated - last year Pastora Soler recorded Stay With Me after the contest. Even though I'm not fluent in Spanish, I prefer the Spanish version 100% - I feel more emotion when Pastora sings that version and she seems more comfortable too. Maybe more people can understand it, yes, but Spanish is so lovely - I'm pleased ESDM will be singing in their native tongue and not translating. I'm really happy we are hearing different languages and not just English... 2011 was one of the worst contests for that IMO...

Los mejores deseos ESDM! Beijos... <3

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