Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Estonia: EER are planning to participate next year!

Mart Normet, head of the Estonian delegation, has told that Estonia are planning on returning to the contest next year.

I was never worried the Estonians would withdraw but it is marvellous to hear that they are planning on participation already. The selection process is likely to be Eesti Laul once again, the country has qualified for the final on four occasions out of five through this awesome selection which hardly ever disappoints  This is what Mart said to
At the moment our attitude is we will attend. Since introducing the new local selection “Eesti Laul”, we have had great success at Eurovision: out of 5 entries 4 have made it to the final.
They didn't do very well as Birgit came a rather disappointing 20th last week, but I thought she was fab and the black and white effects were lovely. It was a pretty song. I want Winney Puhh back next year even though the word pretty doesn't spring to mind... ^^

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