Wednesday, 22 May 2013

France: Disappointing viewing figures, again!

Amandine Bourgeois opened this years grand finale, and that could be the reason why viewing figures slumped by 1.3 million compared to last years edition!

2.7 million people watched the final last Saturday - which is a big dip compared to recent years. Eurovision did have tough competition though because another popular TV show was held that night - The Voice on TF1. Maybe that was the reason why figures were so poor, or maybe the French are just loosing interest.

A disappointing 23rd was the place France achieved this year. I was gutted for Amandine, she deserved top ten IMO. There was some technical problems at the start - and I felt she didn't quite go for it at the end. Still a fantastic performance which deserved than 14 points...

Note - I hope y'all like the new design! 

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