Sunday, 19 May 2013

Finland: Krista Siegfrids - "We made history"!

One of the highlights of last nights contest was the lesbian kiss between Krista and one of her backing singers, to help equal marriage rights across Europe, but she's not disappointing about the final outcome. Krist'a been hitting headlines all week across the world because of the kiss.

I was actually quite shocked this didn't do better, thought she was going to make top ten to be honest but people didn't pick the phones up. Or maybe the jury was busy being bribed to vote for Azerbaijan - so they didn't have enough votes left for Krista. She's done her bit though and I applaud her for that!She wanted to make a statement and boy did she do that. Turkey didn't show the contest though because of the kiss. :-( This is what Krista said...
I'm happy I managed to help the equal marraige rights campaign and sexual equality in general. It is much more important than winning Eurovision. We made history!  The lesbian kiss may have cost us some votes but I don't regret it! I know some countries are much more conservative than we are"

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