Friday, 10 May 2013

Switzerland: Lys Assia's on the mend!

I'm so pleased to read this. Lys Assia has been in hospital all week and so some evil trolls decided to create some nasty rumours... but today Lys Assia's  management confirmed that the singer is on the mend and will attend Eurovision next week!

She's been in a bad state all week but now she's getting better. She won't attend the "Meet & Greets" but at least she'll be there in Malmo. I wish Lys good health and it will be great to see her in Malmo... I hope she gets a special mention in the grand final. That would be awesome - she's a legend, maybe a duet with Carola and Loreen? Three different yet fantastic ladies. This was said on her official Facebook page...
We can now make it officialy: Our Grande Dame Lys Asisia has made a good recovery and WILL VISIT MALMO! She'll arrive this Tuesday!
Maybe she should perform this? :-)

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