Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Austria: Internal selection for 2014?

Sources in Austria are reporting that an internal selection may be used next year. This would be a good idea I think - it will save costs and ensure (hopefully) that they send a decent representative to Denmark.

Back in February the Austrians selected Natália Kelly but she only managed a disappointing 14th in her semi final hence failing to qualify. I did have her as a qualifier but the performance was kinda boring so I wasn't surprised it bombed... although her vocals were great. Austria returned (after a three year break) in 2011 with Nadine Beiler and came 18th in the final - then Trackshittaz came last, and deservedly so in Baku! Maybe an internal selection is what Austria needs now. It's worth mentioning that Austria picked internally in the "old days".

So who would be a good choice next year? I think Yela! She was runner-up in the selection this year, and would defiantly appeal to juries...

This news has not been confirmed by OFR.

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