Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hari Mata Hari for 2014?

Hari Mata Hari are arguably one of the most famous and respected musicians from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Hari wants to represent their country in Eurovision, once again. Back in 2006, he achieved a very respectful 3rd place with Lejla - which is by far the best Bosnian entry ever!

He's been interested in returning for some years now, and was appointed to represent the country last year before BHT decoded to withdraw - so if Bosnia do return next year, will Hari Mata Hari be back? What many people don't know, is that Regina wasn't Bosnia's first choice in 2009 - the broadcasters first choice was a fantastic duet between Hari Varesanovic and Nina Badric - listen to it here. That would've been awesome! Click here for more (in Spanish).

Hari promised that he will return one day.... Will that be next year? Hmm, time will tell I guess. Enjoy his 2006 effort...

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