Thursday, 8 August 2013

Germany: Cascada releases a new video-clip!

Cascada were one of the bookies favourites this year however they came a totally undeserved 21st place - but they are back! Their new single is entitled The World Is In My Hands and it's great. The video-clip was released a couple of weeks back and has had over 100,000 hits.

A real summer hit. But, does anyone else think that this was considered for Eurovision? It's 3 minutes long so would be idea for ESC - if this was the case, I'm pleased they stuck with Glorious. I don't think they would've done better with this.... but then, I really thought they would've been top ten in Malmo - how wrong was I? This new song is good but I feel it lacks the edge Glorious had.

Enjoy it here anyway... ^^

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