Monday, 5 August 2013

UK: Have the BBC chosen Rylan Clark for Eurovision?

Rylan Clark tweeted this last night - it begs the question, has he been selected for ESC? It's sparked lots of confusion but I wouldn't mind seeing him represent the UK - I'd think he would be awesome... Maybe this could be about something else, this blogger really has no idea.

I don't think we'll know for some time either way. Rylan was a contestant on The X Factor last year - he came 5th respectively - meanwhile he's also won Big Brother and made quite a name for himself. Rylan has shown an interest towards Eurovision in the past so if the BBC did ask him, surely he's be up for it? I guess it's just going to be a waiting game to see if anything comes of this. Maybe something will come of this.

He would defiantly be the "love or hate" participant if chosen. Take a look at him in action here...

Stay Tuned! 


  1. I don't want him to. Graham said Little Boots would get the call! Plus, UK don't usually say until, like, 1 day before the deadline.

    I know there's been a high demand for a better act, but is Rylan really better? Perhaps more mediocre, to say. Little Boots is the sensible option. And if they are picking Rylan, at least let us choose the song. If it turns out that Rylan is, I will officially support the worst country at the contest rather than my own, the UK. Little Boots for 2014, I still say, regardless if he's chosen.

    1. Edit: Also, he wouldn't know this early, Bonnie only found out in Christmas. Then again, the BBC said, straight after the contest in 2012, they weren't gonna enter, but they haven't said that this time, so an early choice may be in sight. You know, it's really a matter of - what song you send him with, if the staging isn't going to be too wacky (like Ireland this year) and if it will actually get points or if it will be one of these 'novelty acts' that always lack points (unless you're a Russian granny who you can't help but pick up the phone for and vote.)


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