Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ireland: Nicole Scherzinger plans to record "Fire" - originally by Zoe Alexis!

Zoe Alexis only managed to achieve a rather disappointing 4th place in this years Irish national final, probably due to her poor vocals, although I believe the song is very strong and it appears so does Nicole Scherzinger as she plans on recording it within the next few weeks.

Nicole Scherzinger is very fell in love with it when she first heard it, apparently. She is busy at the moment with being a judge on "The X Factor". A show which sparks lots of controversy and criticism here in the UK but everyone loves it really. I guess Nicole will cover this just in time for the live shows... She'll be able to carry her own live unlike poor old Zoe back in Ireland.

Fire was written by Lauren White, Niall Mooney and Willie Weeks and you can enjoy the live version by Zoe, below...

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